Human Capital Development

At Kureha, we aim to cultivate human capital whose performance we can count on, by training our future executives, global human capital, and young employees, through active promotion of various measures in OJT1 and systematic OFF-JT2 programs. In fiscal 2017, we set up a committee to develop technical human capital to help Kureha continue to grow as a company driven by innovation.
Under the new personnel system, our HR department will work to support the autonomous and continuous growth of every employee even more than before, as we take on more and more ambitious goals for a brighter future.

  • 1 OJT: On the Job Training
  • 2 OFF-JT: Off the Job Training

Open Enrollment Training and Seminars

We offer our employees many opportunities to take on the challenge of self-development in a wide range of specialized skills and fields. Employees can freely choose from a selection of distance learning and seminars by instructors from both inside and outside the company, in subjects such as business, production/technology/manufacturing, chemistry, office automation, languages, certification acquisition, and more. We even accommodate work schedules and styles to allow for time to study.

Global Human Capital Development

To expand our presence in the global market, we are focused on developing global human capital through enhancement of various self-development, skill development, and study abroad programs.

Practical Skills Training (PST)

We concentrate on developing technically proficient personnel to keep growing as a technology-oriented company. Since fiscal 2017, we have been conducting Practical Skills Training (PST), which lets new laboratory and production department employees exchange workplaces for one year. The program seeks to create employees capable of independent thinking and doing their job while considering a variety of factors.

In-House Thesis Review

We have a program for in-house thesis reviews for younger employees. The program originally involved researchers and engineers but was expanded to all departments in fiscal 2016. Through this program, while cultivating the logical thinking, writing, and presentation skills of younger employees, various proposals for the development of new businesses and applications have been made.

  • Some of the winners with outstanding theses
    Some of the winners with outstanding theses
  • Live and online presentation
    Live and online presentation

New Personnel System

In October 2021, we will fully implement our new personnel system with the goal of creating a corporate culture in which each employee can play an independent and autonomous role, responding deftly to changes in the business environment, being conscious of ambition, speed, and growth. Under this new system, we will aim to transform Kureha into a company where employees take pride in their work as professionals, thinking “I want to - no, I have to grow and be ambitious, and quick!”

Employee Mindset

  • Ambition - to actively take on new and difficult tasks without being bound by conventional ideas and methods.
  • Speed - in collecting information, making decisions, taking actions, and responding to changes.
  • Growth - by continuing to learn independently throughout their career and in fulfilling their role as a professional.

New Personnel System

  1. More result-oriented - strengthening of treatment based on “role/job” standards.
  2. Service by seniors - extension of retirement age to 65 years old.